Shooting Rights

Lough Beg is a traditional shooting area, and the establishment of the reserve in 1986 required formalisation of the restrictions on shooting over the reserve.  Discussions with the officers of the Carrigaline & Crosshaven Gun Club led to an agreement on restrictions on shooting over the reserve, designed primarily to protect the Autumn wader migration period.

These restrictions have been rigorously and honourably observed by all parties for 30 years

The shooting restrictions are:-

  1. Shooting is only allowed by those holding permits issued by the Carrigaline & Crosshaven Gun Club
  2. Hunting Season does not open until 10th October, and closes on 31st January.  These restrictive dates also cover activities such as gundog training, etc.
  3. Shooting limited to the designated dates, with shooting not permitted on successive days
  4. No more than two hunters in the reserve at any time

Note that the shooting pressure on the reserve has steadily reduced over the past few years, and could now be regarded as negligible.



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