Species Account

Summary note on all species recorded at the reserve.  Main observations have been since 1976, but I’ve included some earlier records gleaned from e.g. the then-annual Cork Bird Report.

Throughout the species account, I’ve labelled each species based on frequency and timing of occurrences at the reserve, rather than national or international definitions.


Vagrant:  seen less than 5 times since 1976, unpredictable

Rare:  5 – 10 sightings since records began, period of occurrence somewhat predictable

Scarce:  Almost annual sightings, of individuals or small flocks

Common:  Predictable, during likely period of occurrence

Period of occurrence:-

Spring:  Main records are in late March – early June

Summer:  Main records are early May – late August

Autumn:  Main records are late June – mid October

Winter:  Main records are late October – mid March


Resident:  Seen all year round, probably breeds in or near the reserve

Visitor:  Seen in the reserve in specific periods

Passage migrant:  Seen passing through the reserve during migration

Note that records of many wildfowl and wader species fall in two eras; before and after the sluice was installed in 1987.  This sluice allowed us set different water levels in summer and winter, encouraging certain species, such as Mute Swan, Little Grebe and Coot, to use and even colonise the lagoon.  However, the reduced salinity has allowed the surrounding clubrush to spread all the way to the shoreline, eliminating the wader roosting areas.  Control of the clubrush and the reestablishment of the wader roosts will be a priority for the ongoing management of the reserve.


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